Monday, August 8, 2016

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Bicycling is a great activity. More and more people are discovery how much fun it is. I'm 59 years old and in March 2011 I became an avid recreational bicyclist. I ride exclusively on paved multiuse trails. So in the last five years I've discovered many products that can improve your bicycle, and add safety and enjoyment to your adventures.

Tire Pressure Gauges

Tire pressure is extremely important. Incorrect and very low pressure means more work and slower riding. I've discovered three digital tire gauges that are good, with one being excellent. I've used all these over two years.

First is the Tekton. It features a lighted display and nozzle (which is great for night time). One button controls turning on, and automatically turns off after 30 seconds to save battery. Has a molded non-slip grip that fits in your hand perfectly. Accommodates three measurements PSI, BAR, and kPa. Uses one CR2032 lithium battery. Battery is easy to access. Use a penny to insert into round cover. Sells any many places for about $10.

Second is the Slime Digital Gauge. Model 20017. This gauge also features a green lighted nozzle and display for night use. Rubberized edge works great to keep it firm in your hand so it doesn't slip. Accommodates three measurements PSI, BAR, and kPa. Has auto shutoff to save battery. Battery access requires removing 5 tiny screws. Time consuming design. Uses CR2032 lithium battery. Sells at many places at around $7.

And third is the gauge that's the most expensive yet the very best. The Topeak Smartgauge D2. This gauge has a rotating smarthead, which allows fast and easy access to a tire valve. And with the flick of a slide lever, measures both presta and Schrader valves. Gauge reads up to 250 psi. Also has air release button which is great if tire is overinflated. Lighted display that measures psi, Bar, and kg. 30 second auto shutoff saves battery. Uses CR 2032 lithium battery. Around $26.

Serfas E-Gel Seat

Without question, not all seats are created equal. Most are thin and cheap. Especially the ones that come on new bikes. Those are really horrible. I went through a few regular seats, and they all quickly made my butt feel bad. So I did some searching, and discovered e-gel seats. My first one was a Bell. It was softer, but it started leaking in the back after about 6 months. Sticky stuff. Not good. So I had to find another one. So I came across Serfas seats. Serfas makes many types of seats, so there's something for every type bike and riders preference. Yes they are more expensive than the cheap Chinese made seats, but you are getting quality. Great quality. I choose the EG-8000. I bought it in 2014. It has been a fantastic seat. Very comfortable indeed. It cost me $45. Now it's $48.50 on Amazon. Not a bad price still. There are nine different e-gel seats. Probably about 50 in total to choose from. I highly recommend Serfas.

Attwood Mini Air Horn

This is an essential item to always carry. This mini air horn could help save your life in a crisis situation. This is a 1.5 ounce can, and it's super loud. I'm sure most bikers wouldn't think of this at all. Imagine how many motorists go off roads in bad weather or other situations that could signal help fast if they had this. I buy mine at Walmart for about $9. Home Depot has it also. A really great item.

Cateye Velo Computers

No serious bicyclist would ever ride without a computer. And Cateye has a reputation as being the very best on the market. Just ask any avid biker. This is a Japanese brand that is truly superior to the cheaper Chinese made products. What many people might not know is that Cateye has very affordable models along with the higher priced ones. Knowing specifics about your ride is extremely helpful. With the Velo 7 the features are: current speed, elapsed time, trip distance, average speed, maximum speed, total distance, and clock. It also has auto power saving and auto start/stop. Uses one lithium battery CR2032. Extremely affordable from Amazon at $19. The Velo 9 has all the features as the Velo 7 with the addition of calorie consumption and carbon offset (which I find useless). Cost is $20 on Amazon.

Cateye Padrone CC-PA100W Wireless Computer

This is perhaps the best model bike computer on the market. The CC-PA100W model Padrone not only performs flawlessly, but is wireless, and affordable. I have owned this model since March 2015. And I've been very happy with my decision. This also has the largest display on the market. And is very thin. The features include: current speed, total distance, trip distance, elapsed time, average speed, maximum speed, clock, and auto power saving. Battery is a CR2032. Setup is super easy and fast. This is available on Amazon for $56.53. I highly recommend the Padrone CC-PA100W.

Feedback Sports Bicycle Stand

The Feedback Sports Bicycle Stand is a fantastic product for parking or storing your bicycle. At 5.9 pounds, it's compact and light, which makes it fast and easy to move. Spring loaded arm accommodates either front or back wheel. Also has attachments so you can connect multiple units. Many small bike shops use these throughout America. True this is a luxury item, but at $40, it's certainly affordable and very cool to own.

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